My name is Tiffany Claiborne. There are lots of other Tiffanys out there (it was the 17th most popular female baby name in 1986, after all), but this website is mine.

I just moved to Boston, Massachusetts. I haven't been here a year yet. I would love to find work in customer success, marketing, community management, QA, or even a creative role. (Yeah, I know that's a lot of things, but I am a generalist waiting for a chance to specialize.)

Can you help?

What I Do

I know it's a total cliché, but I wear a lot of hats and know that I'm not going to be fully satisfied unless I can test out all of the hats in my wardrobe. Coincidentally, I also knit hats from time to time.

In the past, I've written for a gaming website, been the editor-in-chief of my college newspaper, done community management for BeKnown (a Facebook app by Monster.com), served as a wellness coach for the State of Tennessee, written press releases for a company in the financial industry, worked as a freelance writer for various publications, and yes, I have even scrubbed a toilet or two. That last thing wasn't my favorite. I'm sure you can guess why.

I'm always learning, and am currently reading up on more coding languages as well as working on my Google AdWords certification. If I want to go into a more technology-driven field, these things are a must in order to make myself even more useful and adaptable.

Want to see my resume? Here. Here's my LinkedIn profile, too.


Who I Am

(Or, okay, maybe a list of skills)

I like to have a lot of fun. Okay, who doesn't, though? (Really, if you hate fun, get out of my face.) More specifically, there are very few people I don't get along with, and my most recent position had me working with a statewide team on a multitude of presentations (for large organizations like SAMHSA, even) and very large projects. Therefore, I'm clearly a team player. I'm also great at monitoring success, as this was something I was required to do on a regular basis for my grant-funded position.

I have this tendency to take things, add my spin to them, and make them better. When our grant's website needed to be transitioned over to new ownership (because a departing employee owned the domain), I did that, but I also completely redesigned the website within a few months of the move to make it a responsive site that any one of our team members could update easily. When I came on board, I took our newsletter from drab to fab, with an overall more professional look. I've taken our food resource guide (basically, a recipe guide almost anyone can follow) and made it a full revision, with new recipes and a new, fun format that helps people learn to cook.

Not just that, but I've regularly served as a cook, party planner, exercise coach, teacher, peer, and overall hype-maker. (It was a good gig to have.)

With each day that passes, I am continually developing myself not only into a better employee, but a better person.


My Work

I focus heavily on technology. I do have a creative side (oh, I forgot to mention my photography), and I try to let that come out whenever I can. I enjoy data collection as well. I promise none of this is ironic. Click each photo for a little information.

Say Hello.

If you want to contact me, this is the place! Let me know if you want to set up an interview on the phone, in-person, or even via Skype. I promise I don't bite.